Our Strategic Partners

Robins Borghei

In 2013, Todd Robins, Jed Borghei and AMMCG’s five named partners formed our sister law firm, Robins Borghei LLP. Robins Borghei LLP was founded to advance one fundamental concept: if a community’s public drinking water supply has been contaminated as a result of actions undertaken by a third party, that third party should be held accountable for the cost of either treating or replacing the contaminated water. Simply put, the financial burden of either cleaning or replacing contaminated water should be borne by the responsible polluter, not the water user or the taxpayers.

The attorneys of AMMCG are proud to add their years of legal experience to Mr. Robins’ and Mr. Borghei’s unparalleled depth and breadth of experience in this work. Combined, the partners of Robins Borghei LLP have: (i) more than a decade of experience, know-how and success prosecuting groundwater contamination claims on behalf of water suppliers; (ii) extensive trial experience, with more than two hundred trials taken to verdict among them; (iii) a wide-ranging history of litigation on behalf of more than 70 public entity clients; and (iv) substantive expertise in tort law, environmental law, water law and more.

We currently represent private entities throughout California in cost-recovery related efforts, including litigation, to remedy drinking water contamination.

Along with the two AMMCG offices in San Luis Obispo County, Robins Borghei LLP maintains an office in San Francisco, California.

For more information concerning Robins Borghei LLP please visit our website at: rbwaterlaw.com